“Don’t let doubt stop you, circumstance discourage you, or excuses keep you from realizing your potential and ability to change the world.” - Calvin Chu


Technical Skills & Specialties

  • Community Development & Management

  • Content Creation (Digital Design & Media)

  • Videography & Photography

  • Marketing Strategy & Implementation

  • Social Media Integration & Optimization

  • Data Analysis & Report Configuration

  • Puns

Calvin is most prominently known for Content and Community Development. As a Photographer and Videographer, he is constantly honing his craft, producing content that sparks and captures attention. Not only does he consistently demonstrate mastery in the creative process, his unique skillset enables him to build engaging communities that benefit all parties involved. Calvin is well-versed in the Adobe Suite, Microsoft Office Suite, and other essential tools for content development, live streaming, and data analysis (specialties listed below). As a high SC on a DISC profile and INFJ on Myers-Briggs, his personality traits make him fairly adept at unifying teams and identifying the root of problems (then navigating the difficult conversations to resolve them).

Premiere Pro   |   Lightroom   |   Photoshop   |   ScreenFlow   |   Open Broadcast Software

Work Background & Education

  • IG Account Management (Independent) - 2018

  • Robertson Coaching International - 2016 to 2018

  • RE/MAX Omega - 2014 to 2016

  • UC Irvine, Mesa Court - 2012 to 2014

Business Administration, Master's Degree
Class of 2019, University of California, Irvine

Biological Sciences, Bachelor's Degree
Class of 2014, University of California, Irvine

Real Estate License, State of California
Salesperson ID 02002368

Robertson Coaching International

At Robertson Coaching International, also known as the Don't Settle Group, Calvin's primary responsibility was developing content in the form of videos and digital art to increase the brand's reputability while delivering value to its members. This included capturing footage both locally and abroad, organizing footage and resources into a media library, and editing the videos into their own unique stories or messages. Calvin was also responsible for designing all digital media, ranging from event flyers to web images to presentation slides used for speaking engagements. He also played a key role in audience growth for the firm's social media platforms, helping the firm's Facebook page reach 10k followers and nearly doubling its original following of 2k followers on Instagram in less than 4 months.

RE/MAX Omega

While, to present, Calvin serves as an on-call media consultant for RE/MAX Omega, he was hired for his specialty in Data Analytics and Report Configuration. In 2014, Calvin was tasked with accounting duties, as well as creating reports to better understand the firm's finances to reduce costs. He not only reconciled and corrected data entry errors across all of the firm's accounting platforms, but also developed a streamlined system for accounting and reporting for future employees to utilize. His analysis and reporting system enabled the firm to cut various costs and identify high-performing individuals to reward them. Currently, he advises the firm in their marketing and social media strategy to capitalize on their existing resources to generate high quality leads.

University of California, Irvine (Mesa Court)

As a freshman at UC Irvine, Calvin coordinated a collaborative fundraising effort for Japan in response to the earthquake and tsunami of 2011. He was able to unite over 100 freshman volunteers, several student organizations, and even university staff & administration to raise over $2,000 through a bake sale and benefit concert. This and his other involvements led to his hire at Mesa Court, one of the freshman housing communities at UC Irvine. During his time as a Community Programmer and member of the Residential Education Board, Calvin coordinated numerous events with his team to engage freshmen in educational and recreational events. Together, he and his team assisted many freshmen in integrating and adapting to college life. Responsibilities of those roles included event coordinating, marketing, delegating, budgeting, team management, conflict management, and developing project proposals.