Grow your Twitch channel and reach more of your target audience by dominating the social media game. Everyone knows that social media is important - all successful Twitch streamers know this intuitively. That’s because social media, Instagram especially, gives your audience more opportunities to interact with you, to learn more about you, and to fall in love with you.

Now, I’m not saying that you’re going to have a horde of followers asking for your number, but the goal of being present on Instagram is to get your audience to fall in love with you and your content so they hop onto Twitch whenever you go live! That’s how you build a loyal following to get consistent viewership and turn your Twitch streaming into a career. That’s how you get brands to sponsor you, people to donate to you, and Twitch to pay you for bringing people to their platform!

By the way, I’m Calvin Chu. I play Heroes of the Storm (my all-time favorite), Hearthstone, Minecraft, League of Legends, and a few other games. I’m also a daily vlogger on Instagram ( who comes from a marketing background and has helped streamers like @osnapitskat go from less than 200 followers to now over 7,000! Seriously, go ahead and ask her about it ^ - ^

I’m not some giant agency trying to make an easy buck off of gamers. I’m just a guy who knows how to grow accounts on Instagram as a result of 2 years of research and many more years than that of learning content development and strategy.

Right now, I’m giving Twitch Affiliates a special discount because I’m growing my client base and also because gamers just happen to be really awesome people (low-key calling myself awesome there cuz I’m a gamer too ;D hehe). Check out the info below and, if what I do sounds like it would be of value to you, fill out the form at the bottom of the page. GLHF!

The Twitch Affiliate Package 

Includes Account Protection, Target Mapping, and Engagement Automation - the 3 core elements of what I do.

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To keep your costs low, I’ve excluded data analytics/reporting and only do monthly updates for target mapping and account recalibration. If you ever need detailed insights for working with brands or want more frequent updates to your target mapping, you can always upgrade to my standard package.

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Fill out the form below if these services would be of value to you and if you want my help in taking your Twitch streams to the next level! After you’ve filled out the form, I’ll send you an email with more info and we can discuss how I can best serve you - Thanks for your interest!