What's more important: creating and posting content that's 90% great or shooting for 100% but never posting at all?

In the past (and admittedly sometimes still to this day), I've struggled with sticking to a release schedule, spending too much time editing small details, and more - all because I wanted everything to be absolutely perfect before making a post. As you'd imagine, this led to folders and portable hard drives filled with mounds of "in-progress" projects. I was so paralyzed by my desire to put out amazing & polished content, that I hardly ever finished or posted my projects. InstaStories are my solution to this dilemma.

InstaStories are simply vlogs that I create every day, filming my life with my iPhone's built-in camera and splicing clips together with Adobe Premiere Pro. All it is is just raw clips stuck together with minimal editing, created in the shortest amount of time possible, that hopefully tells a story. At most, I give myself 15 minutes to edit a vlog. Whatever I have at the end of that time is what I post, even if I’m not completely happy with it or if there are still things that I could improve.

The point is to create something new every day and not to worry about producing "perfect" content.

If you’re a content creator too, I’d love to check out your page :D Just message me on Instagram @chus.life and say hi!