Let’s Fall in Love Slow - Aug 24, 2019

It’s been over 7 years since I last wrote a romantic love song for someone. Songwriting is an incredibly personal experience for me and that’s why, ever since I started college, I never wrote a song for any romantic interests. It just hurt too much in the past when things didn’t work out. Instead, I wrote about life. I wrote songs about my faith, songs to help people through difficult times, songs about finding home, songs about family, etc.

But a couple months ago, I met someone that I was willing to take that chance with. I thought of her one day, as I was driving to LAX to pick up a friend from the airport, and wrote this song as I drove through the traffic. I sang it for her on our next date and felt so incredibly happy to be able to sing something to someone I truly and deeply adored. I don’t know what the future holds and nothing is guaranteed, but I’m glad I took this risk and I’m glad I have this song to remember how I felt in that moment.

So here’s my heart. I hope you see it and appreciate it for what it is - imperfect and scarred, but genuine and hopeful.

You can find this song on Spotify, Apple Music, and most music distribution platforms. Maybe I’ll record a full-band version of this song one day, the way I wrote and intended it. Until then, I hope you enjoy this acoustic version (which was actually recorded, mixed, and mastered by me in my bedroom LOL).

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Find the song on:

YouTube: https://youtu.be/PxUitZHvAhU
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/track/1XeslmXaW20tQy9LMkh6Qp?si=rax-n53bSGa64t_PdyLbaw
Apple Music: https://music.apple.com/us/album/lets-fall-in-love-slow-single/1477741752



I hear your soul calling out
It’s reaching for me
But your heart’s been hurt, and it’s scared
And it’s keeping me out of your reach

I know you see me
You want to believe
That this one’s for real, but your heart says
Be cautious it’s too good to be

So let’s fall in love slow
I want your soul to know
That this love is real
That this love is right

I know you’re weary and worried
Of holding me close
Afraid that your brokenness and jagged edge
Will cut too deep if you come too close

But can you hear my soul calling out
It's been searching for you
And it wants to bear your sins and your sorrows
And it’s yearning for everything of you

I know you’ve been wishing for someone who could see all of you
And still want you so desperately
Well here I am, not caring what it takes, afraid but more afraid
To miss this chance God has given me

So we’ll fall in love slow
So your soul truly knows
That this love is real
That this love is right

Through the joy and the sorrows
In this time that we’ve borrowed
May God bless us apart
And bless us as one

And one day, we will be so glad
We fell in love slow
And our hearts both with know
That this love is real
That this love is right