Why Daily Vlog?

I used to (and sometimes still do) struggle with perfectionism. I've struggled with sticking to a release schedule, spending too much time editing small details, and more - all because I wanted everything to be absolutely perfect before making a post. I was so paralyzed by my desire to put out amazing & polished content (as well as my fear of judgement), that I hardly ever finished or posted my projects.

I knew I had to change - I couldn’t just let myself be held back by fear and anxiety forever. After all, what's more important: creating and posting content that's 90% great or shooting for 100% but never posting at all?

That’s why I started these Daily Vlogs. I force myself to create every day by filming my life (with just my phone’s built-in camera) and splicing clips together with Adobe Premiere Pro. All it is is just raw clips stuck together with minimal editing, created in the shortest amount of time possible, that hopefully tells a story. At most, I give myself 15 minutes to edit a vlog. Whatever I have at the end of that time is what I post, even if I’m not completely happy with it or if there are still things that I could improve.

The point is to create something new every day and not to worry about producing "perfect" content.

That’s why I create every day and that’s why I post every day. It’s not about getting likes or views or comments, it’s about discipline and keeping myself accountable and making steps towards being the best version of myself.

If you struggle with perfectionism, fear, or anxiety, I hope this helped you and I hope you take steps towards overcoming that. It’s honestly very difficult to tackle those kinds of fears and struggles head-on, but I promise you it’s worth it. Even though I still have quite a lot of room to grow, I’m much happier and free and I want that for you too!