More Than The Power Of Proximity

The power of proximity is certainly great for making connections and building relationships with people, but you should never rely solely on that! People are always moving, whether due to school, work, or personal circumstance. If you want to make any lasting connections, you need to be willing to reach out to others (at least once in a while). As I mention in this episode, you don’t want to just be there for people’s highlights; you want to be there to encourage others through their struggles.

For any business or personal relationship, the only way to get someone to really care about you is to care about them first! If you take initiative and reach out to those close to you (and those you want to stay in contact with) regularly, you will show that you care and you’ll be at their top of mind!

Also, side note, Robertson Coaching International and I had to part ways due to company restructuring so…if you or anyone you know is in need of a media specialist, let me know ahahas

Anyways, if you reach out to the 20 people i mention in the episode, please let me know!

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