Building Your Own Success

Leo Xia and I talk about building success and why it's so important to get out of the mindset of relying on "getting discovered" or other external sources of success. We live in an "instant noodle" world, where everyone has bought into instant gratification. The problem with that is that we're putting our success and the fate of our future into external forces of luck. This really becomes an issue if you allow this to become your excuse to not reaching out to your audience or to not actively and intentionally develop your career.

The fact of the matter is that times have changed. Sure, banking on getting discovered was more reasonable when you could get noticed from playing at bars and events. However, the market is so saturated now that only those who have an active following are even considered as potential candidates. Instead of sitting around banking on a one in a billion chance of being recognized and generously offered a lifetime contract, you can take charge of your life and build your own success. Does it take effort? Sure, but nothing worth having ever comes easy.

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