Entrepreneurship and Depression ft. Michelle Saya

One of the biggest issues that many "entrepreneurs" face is depression, which often arises from a misalignment of who they are versus who they think they should or need to be. With the accessibility and low cost of entry into the market, we've seen a huge influx of "entrepreneurs" and even a phenomenon where many people are claiming or trying to be "entrepreneurs" because it's the popular thing to do.

The problem is, there is a perception that people have to fit a certain type of character in order to be successful. Many aspiring "entrepreneurs" look to Tony Robbins, Gary Vaynerchuk, and others as examples of how they should conduct themselves in business and in marketing. However, a huge disconnect develops when they believe they should become, rather than learn from, those models.

The thing is, there are a lot of qualities and skills that those models exhibit that would be beneficial to develop, but people should never sacrifice their own identity and character in the name of success. Yes, the qualities and the skills of the top have led to success, but they might not fare the same for everyone else. 

To be successful and fight through the depression, you need to be true to who you are. Learn skills and practice tactics, then mold them into your own style so you can pave your own path to success. Don't do something that's out of alignment with your character because it will hurt you in the long run and you likely won't find as much success as you would have otherwise.


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How To Get 50 Followers Per Day On Instagram

I squeeze in 3 of my BIG Instagram strategies, at the request of Sheila Wagner! Growing an account on Instagram is definitely dependent on what type of content you're posting and how often you're posting, but you need to be engaging with the Insta community if you want any of your content to get noticed.

A super duper quick summary of the strategies I share here are 1. Like and Reply to comments on posts from popular users in your niche 2. Use hashtags of varying popularity in your posts & rotate their usage 3. Utilize all of Instagram's features

This is most of how I was able to get MORE THAN 50 FOLLOWERS in a day! Of course, results may vary, but if you're doing all of these it'll definitely make a noticeable difference :D

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More Than The Power Of Proximity

The power of proximity is certainly great for making connections and building relationships with people, but you should never rely solely on that! People are always moving, whether due to school, work, or personal circumstance. If you want to make any lasting connections, you need to be willing to reach out to others (at least once in a while). As I mention in this episode, you don’t want to just be there for people’s highlights; you want to be there to encourage others through their struggles.

For any business or personal relationship, the only way to get someone to really care about you is to care about them first! If you take initiative and reach out to those close to you (and those you want to stay in contact with) regularly, you will show that you care and you’ll be at their top of mind!

Also, side note, Robertson Coaching International and I had to part ways due to company restructuring so…if you or anyone you know is in need of a media specialist, let me know ahahas

Anyways, if you reach out to the 20 people i mention in the episode, please let me know!

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Changes To Instagram & New Strategies

I talk about Instagram, how it has evolved, and the latest updates! I've been doing a lot of research and scourging the internet to learn more about Instagram's shadowban changes, flagging, and other information relevant to people trying to develop a following there.

I've been testing out different strategies and documenting the progress and, so far, the results speak for themselves. I started a brand new account roughly 3 weeks ago and I'm already at over 400 followers (that's over 130 new followers per week)! I'm always happy to share what I learn and I hope this podcast is helpful!

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Building Your Own Success

Leo Xia and I talk about building success and why it's so important to get out of the mindset of relying on "getting discovered" or other external sources of success. We live in an "instant noodle" world, where everyone has bought into instant gratification. The problem with that is that we're putting our success and the fate of our future into external forces of luck. This really becomes an issue if you allow this to become your excuse to not reaching out to your audience or to not actively and intentionally develop your career.

The fact of the matter is that times have changed. Sure, banking on getting discovered was more reasonable when you could get noticed from playing at bars and events. However, the market is so saturated now that only those who have an active following are even considered as potential candidates. Instead of sitting around banking on a one in a billion chance of being recognized and generously offered a lifetime contract, you can take charge of your life and build your own success. Does it take effort? Sure, but nothing worth having ever comes easy.

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